In the Czech Republic recorded the first cases of zika virus

Czech authorities announced the first cases of zika virus throughout the country.

Where the contracted these people and whether they have visited countries where were recorded outbreaks of the disease, not reported, says BBC-Russia.

The world health organization called the virus zika a global threat. Disease is a risk mainly for women who are planning to have a baby, because it can cause microcephaly in some infants.

In Brazil, which began the spread of the disease, with the diagnosis several thousand already born children.

Infected with the virus were detected in Europe and the USA. All patients previously attended by the countries of Latin America. One case was recorded in Russia.

The world health organization has stated that to combat the spread of the virus zika required 56 million.

The who also warned about the increased with the onset of spring, the danger of the spread of zika virus in Europe.

A proven vaccine against the virus does not yet exist.

Note, Zeke can be transmitted sexually and from mother to child.

In the Czech Republic recorded the first cases of zika virus 25.02.2016

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