In the Crimea detained the lawyer Emile Kubedinova

The «power» of Russia annexed the Crimea detained January 26, lawyer Emile Kubedinova. About the lawyer said during the live video in Facebook, transfers «Radio Freedom».

«We were detained by the DPS (road patrol service – ed.). We ought to search to Salawu«–said Kurbedinov.

The next shots show how the car, which was a lawyer, approaching a group of individuals with weapons that Kurbedinov calls a «SWAT team».

Later the man, who cannot be seen, appears as an employee of the «Department of combating extremism» and States that the lawyer «administratively detained».

After that, the stream perebivaetsya.

The correspondent of «Radio Liberty» Anton NumLock informs that runs parallel search in a law office in Simferopol.

According to him, Kubedinova will choose a measure of restraint under article «extremism».

Also the search is carried out from Kubedinova home. «The apartment was on the bar, not Kubedinova. In the apartment, where there is a search warrant, called an ambulance,» writes NumLock.

The morning of January 26 in Bakhchisarai representatives of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation came with a search warrant to the home of a Mr. Salawu, to him went the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov.

According to Kubedinova, Saliev – a «civic activist, who announced over the loudspeaker of the Mosque about the searches in Bakhchisaray (when he was arrested in the case Hizbuttahrir and took Ilmi Umerov) and was fined 20 thousand rubles. the Bakhchisaray court.».

«His mother is Zodie Salievais a veteran of the national movement.» the lawyer added.

Kurbedinov wrote: «the Persecution of civil society activists will increase. It is also an attempt to cover the «background information» on yesterday’s case drive the FSB (of counsel) Nicholas Polozova».

Emil Kurbedinov is counsel in several high profile cases opened by the Russian authorities in occupied Crimea against public activists. It protects several of the detainees in the case «Hizbut-Tahrir», «case of February 26,» the Deputy head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov and journalist Nicholas Simon.

In the Crimea detained the lawyer Emile Kubedinova 26.01.2017

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