In the Council of Europe praised the competition in the Supreme Court of Ukraine

In the Council of Europe highly appreciated the results of the contest in the Supreme Court of Ukraine. On 29 September, the head of the Department of justice and legal cooperation of the Council of Europe Hannah Juncker said at a briefing in Kiev, which was broadcast channel «112 Ukraine».

«This competition was very specific, very thorough, very professional, transparent, when compared with other countries. I think if you look at the results of this competition – it was indeed at the European level. We hope that the new Supreme Court will evolve rapidly and will soon begin to function,» she said.

30 September 2016 in Ukraine entered into force on constitutional change in terms of justice and the new law «On judicial system and status of judges», according to which the ultimate speccode and the Supreme Court are eliminated and instead creates a new Supreme Court of cassation chambers.

27 July 2017, the High qualification Commission of judges (vkks) of Ukraine defined winners of competition for the 120 posts of judges of the new Supreme Court.

The participants received vocational and psychological tests, examination of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, the National Agency for prevention of corruption and Public integrity Council.

July 31, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said that the integrity of some of the winners of the contest in doubt.

A journalist of the German daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung Florian Kassel in his article called the selection to the Supreme Court «questionable».

Public Council of integrity, who oversaw the competition, said that of the 120 candidates 30 did not meet the criteria.

On 29 September the High Council of justice recommended that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko 111 candidates for appointment to the post of judges of the Supreme Court.

In the Council of Europe praised the competition in the Supreme Court of Ukraine 30.09.2017

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