In the Congo sent 250 Ukrainian peacekeepers. Behind them, ATO

In Lviv-based brigades of the army aviation of the Land forces of Ukraine took place on the occasion of sending troops the next rotation of the helicopter detachment of the UN Mission on stabilization in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On Tuesday February 9, reported the press service of the defense Ministry.

During the year, about 250 Ukrainian peacekeepers will be to perform the job in an African country.

Within three weeks the soldiers have successfully passed combat coordination in the Kherson region. In addition to General military subjects the army passed the English language tests and the training has gone for special training.

The chief of army aviation command of the Land forces of VSU the General-the major Valentin Pistruga wished the soldiers bravely and professionally to fulfill the obligation on the African continent.

«In the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in the future of the ongoing war between the gangs, and our pilots and staff are at risk every day. In this regard, it is very important that all military personnel contingent participated in the anti-terrorist operation», — he noted.

Recall that in late 2015 from Ukraine to Congo on a cargo aircraft An-124 «Ruslan» for the Ukrainian national contingent were delivered helicopters (attack helicopter 2 Mi-24P helicopter and 2 Mi-8MT) and aviation property.

Ukrainian helicopter from the 18th separate helicopter detachment of the Armed forces of Ukraine from February 2012 to participate in the work of the UN Mission in the Congo.

In the Congo sent 250 Ukrainian peacekeepers. Behind them, ATO 09.02.2016

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