In the coming weeks KPVV zaytsevo will move closer to the boundary line

The checkpoint of entry-departure «Zaitsev» in the coming weeks will be moved closer to the line of differentiation on Donbass.

On Thursday 13 November at the briefing said the assistant Chairman of the state border service Oleg Slobodyan, UNIAN reports.

«The decision to move the checkpoint of entry-departure zaytsevo closer to the line of demarcation has been made, was held relevant meetings in the Donetsk military and civil administration. This requires some preparatory work, it is now, but in the long term solution to this issue short-term, that is, it will not be tightened for a long time and will be decided in the coming weeks,» he said.

«It is necessary solely for reasons of safety of those citizens who cross the line of demarcation, because a very large distance between the control point of entry-exit and the checkpoint, which was on the «zero», respectively, additional risks were created during the movement on plantations of people that crossed the line of demarcation,» — said Slobodyan.

«In order to eliminate the negative consequences, casualties, the decision was made about moving this checkpoint of entry-departure», — said the representative of SBS.

Recall, from September 1, the checkpoints on the demarcation line switched to autumn mode.

In the coming weeks KPVV zaytsevo will move closer to the boundary line 13.10.2016

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