In the Chechen Tsotsi-Yurt, the clash occurred, killing 2 security men and 4 underground, one disappeared

In the Chechen village of Tsotsi-Yurt (Russian Federation) January 11, there was a clash between security forces and members of the armed underground. The incident killed six people – two soldiers of Regardie and four militants.

As reported by the «Caucasian knot», on January 11 in Tsotsi-Yurt were introduced special security forces. According to local residents, all exits from the settlement is blocked. According to security officials, in the course of special operations in the village detained 21 people.

Later, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that as a result of clashes killed four militants and one security official – the ordinary Khamzat Hashum. Today, January 12, it became known about the death in hospital from received wounds of another soldier of Regardie, corporal Bekhan Houtaewa.

According to a source in the Russian interior Ministry in Chechnya, one of the alleged members of the underground managed to escape. Today the security forces announced killed when the terrorist organization «Islamic state». According to the interior Ministry, we are talking about the native of the city of Shali, which, presumably, was the leader of the armed group.

It is reported that one of those killed on 11 January by security forces in the Kurchaloy district, was sentenced in 2004 to 12.5 years of imprisonment for participation in an illegal armed formation.

The identity of the dead set, the reporters, citing a source in law enforcement bodies of Chechnya. «It natives of Kurchaloy, city of Shali and the village of Germenchuk, Shali district. The oldest of them was 36 years old, the youngest is about 18», — he said.

According to the source resource, one of those killed was 36-the summer inhabitant of the regional center of Kurchaloy Uzum Haji, the madayev, who was arrested in 2003 during a special operation in 2004 was sentenced to 12.5 years of imprisonment for participation in an illegal armed group and committing serious crimes. Served a sentence madev «again tried to return to their previous activities,» said the police officer. He also noted that among those killed were seized automatic weapons, grenades and ammunition.

Earlier, on 10 January, the head of the Russian administration of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announced the arrest in Tsotsi-Yurt of the young people who «were preparing a series resonant serious crimes». According to Kadyrov’s statement, among the detainees are relatives of the field commander ISA Muskiev. Relatives Maskievich, says Kadyrov, was preparing «to commit a crime, instead of to repent.»

Clashes in the village of Tsotsi-Yurt, according to the resource, occurred in the last 15 years. The last major incident happened in February 2002 when in the vicinity of the village was blown up armored vehicle with Russian soldiers. However, there have been reports of incidents in other towns of the district. So, the object of the attacks of militants have become even ancestral village of Kadyrov – Tsentoroy. Thus, on 29 August 2010 in the vicinity of Tsentoroy security forces killed 12 suspected members of the underground. According to sources in power structures, as a result of clashes killed six law enforcement officers, 18 security forces of the Russian Federation, and seven locals were injured.

We will remind, about a month ago, on 17 December 2016, in different districts of Grozny was attacked the police, after which the city was entered the counterterrorist operation (CTO). During the RAID, which ended December 18, killed seven suspected members of the armed underground, and another four detained. Also, the security forces on 17 and 18 December detained relatives and friends of those killed. 19 Dec a source in law enforcement bodies of Chechnya said that the dead bodies are not given to relatives for burial.

In the Chechen Tsotsi-Yurt, the clash occurred, killing 2 security men and 4 underground, one disappeared 12.01.2017

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