In the center of Kiev in a damaged house collapsed. From the rubble save people

In the center of Kiev in alarm evacuated the building on the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 12, collapsed floors between the basement and the first floor. As a result of the collapsed beams were piled in the basement builders. Being their salvation.

On Thursday February 25, said the press-Secretary of Kyiv city mayor Vitali Klitschko Oksana Zinoviev.

According to her, «collapsed several floors». «From the rubble to save people,» said Zinoviev in Twitter and clarified that the house is uninhabited and belongs to a private person. During the repair work the ceiling fell in one of the floors.

She also noted that Klitschko himself is already in place and explains the situation.

As reports «Ukrainian truth», under the rubble, according to preliminary data, is three or four people. One Builder has already recovered from the rubble.

The representative of the KCSA Dmytro bilotserkivets announced that one of the workers trapped under the rubble, responds to calls from the rescuers, and three do not meet, informs the Agency «Interfax-Ukraine».

«While information on the number of the people who were there it is specified: we had information that three people (under the rubble), but then there was information that there may be five,» — said the press service of the Moscow Department of the state Service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

Later, the press Secretary of the mayor Zinoviev informed that two builders freed from the rubble and added that blocked can stay up to five people.

«One man ran himself, two saved and sent in 17 (city) the hospital,» she said.

According to Zinovieva, who had to leave the building worker reported that up to five people can be under blockages.

Press Secretary of the mayor reported that this building is a disaster, residents were evacuated from it in 2004.

«Construction work was carried out with violation of safety standards. The administration figures out whether issued a permit to conduct repair work,» said Zinoviev.

As it became known later, from the rubble rescued three people. According to the State service for emergency situations of Ukraine, under blockages there can be three more people.

In gschs also said that evacuated the five-storey building during disassembly of the inner walls there was a collapse of overlappings from the fifth to the first floor.

Kyiv city state administration has already informed the drivers about the temporary restriction of movement on the street Bohdan Khmelnytsky due to the collapse of the house on.

«Bogdan Khmelnitsky street on a site from Pushkinskaya St. to Volodymyrska street closed to traffic. Such measures taken in connection with the accident that occurred in the house in the street Bogdana Khmelnitskogo, 12», — informs the press service of Kyiv city state administration.

The city authorities ask drivers to choose other routes.

In the center of Kiev in a damaged house collapsed. From the rubble save people 25.02.2016

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