In the center of Dnipro will install the statue of the Internet meme of Iduna

The mayor of the Dnipro Boris Filatov confirmed the intention to establish in the city a statue of the Internet meme known as Idun. He said this on his page in Facebook.

«Journalists have nothing to hide:) Yes, it’s true. Conduct negotiations», — he wrote, commenting on the material the BBC-Ukraine.

Earlier the newspaper reported that the administration of the Dnipro plans to install in downtown statue Homunculus Loxodontus, better known as Idun.

As noted, at this time there are relevant negotiations with the sculptor from the Netherlands Margriet van Brefort, who decided to dedicate their work to patients, which are very long waiting on reception to the doctor.

It is planned that the statue will be made of concrete, and its height is about two meters.

Edun is a really existing Loxodontus Homunculus sculpture (a cross between insect and elephant), which was created by a Dutch artist Margriet van Brefort. She is now at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

According to the author Idun is «creepy and unusual mix of a man with an elephant and an insect without legs, but with human hands and many folds that reflect the harsh reality of any event that happens in our not too rosy life.»

According to the sculptor, she was inspired by the people who are sitting in the queue to the doctor, and waiting rooms.

Earlier in Frankivsk has opened a sculpture of Homer Simpson.

In the center of Dnipro will install the statue of the Internet meme of Iduna 07.02.2017

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