In the capital’s «Gulliver» law enforcement officers conducted investigations

On the morning of Friday, November 25, SBU and Prosecutor General’s office carried out investigative actions in the center of Kiev in an office building complex «Gulliver».

So, according to eyewitnesses, around 9:00 the entrances and exits of the building was blocked by men in black with guns. They controlled the entrance and exit of employees of the building, reports «Ukrainian truth».

Also the place was Natspolitsiya.

As of 9:31, representatives of the SBU and Prosecutor General’s office entered the building.

As reported a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya, conducted investigations within the Bank, «Michael».

The representative of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo said that the decision of Shevchenkovsky regional court of SBU and GPU carry out investigative actions.

«The place was called the patrol, showed the document on the basis of which these investigations are conducted. Thereafter, the patrol went,» said Trikala.

As the head of public relations of the shopping center «Gulliver» Tatiana Atajanova, as of 9:50 is being searched one of the tenants on the upper floors of the building. She said that we are talking about an office building complex.

Atajanova said that the staff began to let in the building at 9:20. She also said that the arrest imposed on the shopping center.

«We assume that these events are associated with an interview, which recently gave Polishchuk«she said.

Later, the chief of staff of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk was at the briefing said that law enforcement officers carrying out investigative actions in the office center «Gulliver» in Kiev, do not create barriers to entry to the building.

He stressed that investigative actions were carried out in an office building, not in the same shopping center nearby.

«When law enforcement officers appeared near the office center «Gulliver», protection and administration of the building, decisions were made to block the access system to the building, disabling the elevators and other actions that led to the fact that some people could not get inside the building,» said Tkachuk.

«These limitations in no way associated with the actions of law enforcement authorities», – he stressed.

As reported, in November the SEC Gulliver was arrested in the case about the Bank Mikhailovsky. Mall allegedly owned by businessman Viktor Polishchuk.

A few years ago the Bank gave the company a «Three On» managing the capital’s shopping center «Gulliver» $ 460 million loan, while the market value of the collateral amounted to barely half of this amount.

The Kyiv Prosecutor’s office expects to prosecute the owner of a chain selling household appliances and electronics «Eldorado» and the ROC Gulliver Viktor Polishchuk for the bankruptcy of the Bank, «Michael», in which he previously owned 92,501% of the share capital.

Previously, the Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev arrested the former Chairman of the Board «Michael» Igor Doroshenko two months with the right to make 137.8 million bail.

In may, the Bank «St. Michael» was entered external administration. Later it became known that the day before the Bank sold its loans to other financial companies.

On may 23 the Board of the National Bank adopted the decision on the attribution of PJSC «Bank Mikhailovsky» in the category of the insolvent.

In July, the Deposit guarantee Fund began the liquidation of the Bank.

In the capital’s «Gulliver» law enforcement officers conducted investigations 25.11.2016

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