In the area of the ATO hard. On Donetsk the direction fighters are covered from 120-mm mortars

The situation in the area of the antiterrorist operation remains tense. During the day the militants 45 times fired at positions Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This is stated in the message press center ATO page in the social network Facebook on Friday 5 February.

«In the early days of terrorists from small arms fired at our strong point in Shirokino. During the day the enemy used grenade launchers here,» reported at the headquarters.

Occupied with Kominternovo terrorists fired on our positions in Hnutove and talakivka got shelled from mortars of 82 and 120 mm.

On the outskirts of Donetsk from rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms fighters fired at strong points of ATO forces in the Sands.

«In addition, our positions in Avdeevka and Experienced terrorists fired from mortars. Strengthening the mine «Butovka» the enemy opened fire from mortars and rocket-propelled grenades,» said at the headquarters.

In the area temporarily occupied by Novgorod Horlivka and Mayorsk militants were firing from heavy machine guns and small arms. Zaytsevo and the enemy used mortar.

As reported, for the past days in zone anti-Terrorist operation one Ukrainian serviceman died in zaytsevo during a mortar attack, three others were injured in the Mayorsk and Maryinka.

The representative of administration of the President of the ATO Andrei Lysenko said that «yesterday the situation on the contact line escalated — the enemy made 81 the shelling of the Ukrainian positions, a record number, starting from August 2015. The enemy used 12 times heavy weapons».

The worst situation yesterday during the day was in the area of human settlements Mayorsk and zaytsevo, who has undergone more than 160 mortar rounds of different types of mortars.

Note, for the last day illegal armed groups have intensified across the front line.

3 February in Mariupol direction from the village of Kominternovo, which at the end of last year was captured by the Russian mercenaries, the militants were shelling from 122-mm MLRS «Grad» towards the settlement of sakhank. At the same time, with the same Kominternovo invaders beat in the direction of the village October calibre mortars 120-mm anti-aircraft guns and anti-tank missile system.

In the area of the ATO hard. On Donetsk the direction fighters are covered from 120-mm mortars 05.02.2016

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