In the area of the ATO day passed without loss. Ukraine starts withdrawal of 82-mm mortars

Last day in the area ATO have been no losses.

About it at a traditional briefing on Thursday said the speaker of the administration of the President of the ATU Andrei Lysenko.

«As a result of active hostilities none of Ukrainian military died and were wounded», — he said.

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The OSCE special monitoring mission: heavy weapons remain on both sides

According to Lysenko, on Wednesday in the area of the ATO was not recorded any attack or flights of drones.

Antiterrorist operation forces and illegal armed groups simultaneously removed the launchers from the separation line in Eastern Ukraine, said the speaker of the General staff armed forces Vladislav Seleznev, «Interfax-Ukraine» on Thursday.

«The process of withdrawing mortars of calibre less than 120 mm runs synchronously with the discharge of mortars such systems the militants, under the control of the OSCE observers,» — said Seleznev.

The speaker of the General staff said that withdrawal will take place on Thursday and Friday.

«Then we are making a statement about the diversion of mortars and October 17, representatives of the OSCE special monitoring mission will verify the presence of weapons on their respective territories», — Seleznev reported. (SMM OSCE Special monitoring mission OSCE in Ukraine. — Ed.)

Thursday, 15 October, in the Luhansk region in the area of the ATO begins the third phase of the planned diversion of weapons from the confrontation line.

«In the framework of the Addendum to the Minsk agreements Ukrainian troops will withdraw from the demarcation line at a distance not less than 15 km 82-mm mortars. This stage will last three days with constant monitoring of the OSCE observers,» — said the speaker staff ATO in the Luhansk region Ruslan Tkachuk.

Tkachuk also said that for the last day (7:00 PM Wednesday-7:00 Thursdays) on Lugansk and Artemovsk areas, there has been no violation of the ceasefire. The Ukrainian side on the territory controlled by is working on demining and rehabilitation of gas supply systems frontline villages.

Yesterday it was reported that among the Ukrainian military there are dead and two wounded in the shelling to the South of the Town.

On October 2, after talks «Norman Quartet» in Paris, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the Ukrainian side initiates the diversion of weapons with a caliber less than 100 mm from the contact line the ceasefire on the 3rd of October. According to him, the leaders of the «Normandy format» agreed that the withdrawal of light weapons should be 41 days.

On the evening of 3 October, the press center of the ATO reported that in the area of the ATO began the process of withdrawing equipment and weapons of the calibre less than 100 mm.

The coordinator of group «Information resistance» Dmitry tymchuk noted that the militants continue active attempts to provoke Ukrainian troops on massive application of firepower. In Donetsk arrived a group of 20 Russian journalists, with the task not only «of fixing the shelling of civilians by the Ukrainian military», but «consultations» on the organization of provocations.

The OSCE special monitoring mission: heavy weapons remain on both sides

Heavy weapons, which should be allocated according to the agreement, still remains on both sides of the demarcation line.

About this during the briefing said the representative of the Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine Michael Bociurkiw.

So, according to him, October 5-8, near Novotoshkovskoye, which is controlled by the Ukrainian government, OSCE observers saw installation with guided anti-tank missiles.

On the territory controlled «DND» on October 9-10, the UAV mission took 7 tanks and other equipment in Komsomolsk and 23 tanks near Solntsevo.

He noted that the militants «DNR» prevented access of observers to the places of storage of heavy weapons, the militants «LNR» prevent monitor close to the border with Russia.

Thus, according to him, similar cases were from the Ukrainian side. So, on the territory controlled by Ukraine, observers refused to miss for 2 posts.

In the area of the ATO day passed without loss. Ukraine starts withdrawal of 82-mm mortars 15.10.2015

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