In the area of Marinci the situation is tense. Terrorists boasting that will grab her for a day

Pro-Russian armed gangs since the beginning of the day 20 times opened fire on positions of forces of anti-Terrorist operations.

On Thursday February 18, reported the press center of the ATO on your page in the social network Facebook.

In zone anti-terrorist operation in days one Ukrainian military was lost, three more got wounds, – the speaker of the ATO

«From grenade launchers of various systems of the enemy during the day fired at our strong points in the district of Novgorod, Bogdanovka and Sands. On Ukrainian positions in Experienced, Lugansk and zaytsevo, the militants opened fire from heavy machine guns and small arms,» reported at the headquarters.

On the Mariupol direction was turbulent near Chermalyk and Starohnativka where terrorists fired on our fortifications from grenade launchers and APCS, respectively.

In the press center noted that the situation remains tense in the area of Marinci.

«During the day the enemy six times opened aimed fire on the strong points of the Ukrainian Armed forces near the locality. The occupiers used here, the grenade launchers and the BMP. The control point «Marinka» fired on an enemy sniper», — stated in the message.

To capture Marinka Russian-terrorist forces accumulate equipment and staff. According to residents of Donetsk, Petrovsky district of the city the rebels are gaining strength and equipment of illegal armed groups for further application in the direction of Marinka. Eyewitnesses say about the arrival of a large number of vehicles, prohibited the Minsk agreements, and fighters.

In particular, seen a few MLRS «Grad» and more than 10 tanks. The townspeople note that fighters technique and focus in the Petrovsky district.

The terrorists do not hide that plan during the day to capture Marinka, said at the headquarters.

Earlier today, the speaker of the presidential administration on issues of anti-terrorist operation Alexander Motesanib informed that day in the area ATO recorded three flights of UAVs of the opponent – two on the Mariupol direction and one near Krasnoselovka in the Luhansk region. The occupation troops of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the Donbass increases.

«According to intelligence of the Ministry of defense, the occupation troops of the Russian armed forces in the Donbas increases. In the city Anthracite of the profits of two companies of Russian troops», — he said. As said Botosani, near the village of Mikhailovka of the Luhansk region there arrived the echelon with 360 tons of fuel and lubricants, and in Slavyansk there arrived the echelon with spare parts for tanks and food.

In a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operation for last days one Ukrainian military was lost, three more got wounds.

We will remind, on February 17, the Directorate of intelligence stated that the Russian military positions near Alexander fired at residential quarters of Luhansk occupied.

In addition, in the district of Donetsk airport the militants twice shelled the ATO forces positions from «Gradov», the total number was issued 20 rounds. Fired from the occupied village Staromikhaylovk.

On the eve of the situation in the zone ATO has deteriorated – terrorists 79 times per day on February 16 opened fire near Nikolayevka and Novotroitsk held clashes with the ATO forces with DRG gangs.Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed and seven were wounded.

In the area of Marinci the situation is tense. Terrorists boasting that will grab her for a day 18.02.2016

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