In the Antimonopoly Committee stated that the new license conditions create advantages for state banks who have no experience in the field of lotteries

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) has agreed on a proposed Cabinet of the new licensing terms for the participants of the lottery market. About it in interview to the edition «Censor.NO,» said state Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Agia Zagrebelsky.

«We started the study at a time when we went to the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on licensing conditions. After analyzing this document, came to the conclusion that we can’t agree on because it contains certain standards that are neproroschennye and virtually close the market to new entrants. First and foremost, there is an advantage to national banks,» she said.

Zagrebelsky added that in the study, the AMC sent the requirement to provide information to the operators, which are currently on the market – the companies «UNL», «M. S. L.» and «Patriot» and potential market participants, state-owned banks.

«It «Oschadbank», which is licensed to conduct lotteries, but does not hold, «PrivatBank», which is the state. He has no license and he never had lotteries, but collaborated with the operator of «Patriot» and distributed them to the lottery. And two state banks – «Ukrgazbank» and the State export-import Bank of Ukraine. The last two also do not have licenses and lottery activities were not engaged. Each of the banks we asked whether these areas meet the other criteria. None of the banks, judging from the responses, all criteria in aggregate does not match», – said the Plenipotentiary.

From the responses received, the AMC also learned that this market is high-risk, negative and unwanted when connecting two activities: banking and the lottery.

In the proposed Finance terms is the concept of «impeccable business reputation», which the Committee considered estimated, and the item is insufficiently discharged.

«We are in a very difficult dialogue. We opposed the draft resolution on licensing terms and conditions in this form and written comments. But the Ministry of Finance does not see the problematic issues in this document. So while we are in the state of the debate – said Zagrebelsky. – Two operators believe the proposed conditions are discriminatory and restrict competition. The third party market does not see any problematic issues in the resolution that is».

Lotteries in Ukraine today have the right to four statements: «M. S. L.», «Patriot», «UNL», and the state «Oschadbank», but the latter of the receipt of the license by lotteries were not engaged.

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Informatization and communications Oleksandr Danchenko in September, told the newspaper «Business» that the new licence conditions for operators of the lottery market there are discriminatory provisions, according to which two of the three existing operators are actually prohibited to carry out activities for the production of lottery, «although neither the law «On state lotteries in Ukraine” nor the law «On sanctions” to which these items are appealing, such bans are not provided.»

19 Sep Zagrebelsky reported on the meeting of «Barriers to market access for issue and holding of lotteries», organized by the AMC, following which the Committee promised to study the situation on the market of lotteries in connection with the Ministry of Finance developed a draft new licensing conditions and to present the results of this study. Of all those present at that meeting, the head of the «UNL» Andrei Bochkov was supported by the Ministry of Finance developed a draft of new conditions, wrote UNN.

In the Antimonopoly Committee stated that the new license conditions create advantages for state banks who have no experience in the field of lotteries 29.09.2017

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