In the Antarctic, will create the world’s largest marine protected area

In Antarctica will create world’s largest marine protected area with an area of over 1.5 million square kilometers. the Agreement will be valid for 35 years. Offer the United States and New Zealand could not get the support of Russia, which sought permission to fish, and in the end, proponents had to compromise, reports TASS.

On the establishment of protected areas was announced at the 35th meeting of the Commission for the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources (CCAMLR). The total area of Marine protected area (MPAS) in the Ross sea will be over 1.5 million square km. «We needed to change our proposal that it received the unanimous approval of all 25 members of CCAMLR, — said the head of the new Zealand foreign Minister Murray mcculley. — The agreement takes into account the balance of environmental objectives, sustainable fishing and science.»

The Deputy head of the Russian delegation at the CCAMLR meeting Dmitry kremeniuk said that the compromise «and environmental, and management aspects»: «Some concerns remained with us, China and Japan, however, striving for cooperation, the participants managed the issue of protected area in the Ross sea to agree… the Authors proposed to create MOR for 50 years, in the end I consider our proposals and reduced the term to 35 years. For Russia it is also important that the inside of the MPAS in the Ross sea will be a special area of research, which is established for 30 years and where is possible fishing with additional restrictions. It is relatively small in area, but it is significant from the point of view of fishing, because there is concentrated the fleet and there is fishing of the Antarctic toothfish».

The Deputy head of the Russian delegation also said that at the present meeting of CCAMLR was considered for two other environmental initiatives: the Australian proposal to set up MPAS in East Antarctica and the proposal of the EU to establish such a district by the sea Weddel. «The meeting proposed that the authors of these proposals to be finalised and submitted for consideration at the next meeting next year,» said kremeniuk.

CCAMLR was created in 1982, she is responsible for the preservation of the marine resources of the Antarctic, using an ecosystem approach to management. This approach does not exclude the possibility of commercial and research fishing. A common solution to CCAMLR are taken solely on the basis of consensus. The Commission consists of 24 States and the European Union.

In the Antarctic, will create the world’s largest marine protected area 28.10.2016

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