In Thailand, an elephant killed a tourist from Scotland: trampled and pierced by the Tusk

In Thailand, an angry elephant killed a tourist from Scotland, trampled and pierced by its Tusk. The daughter of the Scot managed to escape, escaped with light injuries. The animal was seriously wounded and his driver. The tragic incident occurred on 1 February during the tour of «tracking the elephants» in the district of Bophut in Koh Samui, reports The Phuket News.

The victim of the enraged animal was a 36-year-old Scot, who went on an elephant ride with his 16-year-old daughter, reports

Prior to the incident the elephant was a male named Golf multiple times provided the disobedience to the driver, who worked with him only a few months. To get compliance, mahout struck the animal several blows of a pointed hook which penetrates the thick skin of the neck.

After that the first elephant obeyed, but when the driver got off him to take a picture sitting in a basket on his back tourists, the animal suddenly reared, and in the fall hit mahout Tusk, causing him serious injury.

According to the publication, after this, the elephant threw riders to the ground. The animal trampled the Scottish tourist, and then hit him with a Tusk to the chest. The death has come instantly. The daughter of the tourists managed to jump aside and was not injured.

Two days before the incident, the elephant appeared allocation, which indicate the beginning of the mating season. Usually at this time the animal was removed from work and let out to graze in the jungle. Elephants in this period become irritable and dangerous to others.

The Surat Thani provincial police are investigating the incident with the murder of a tourist, reported TASS with reference to data of law enforcement bodies of the Kingdom.

Earlier in the Copenhagen zoo visitor climbed in the cage to the bear suffered toed and students.

In Thailand, an elephant killed a tourist from Scotland: trampled and pierced by the Tusk 02.02.2016

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