In Texas from hurricane «Harvey» affected some 6.8 million people

In the state of Texas from the hurricane «Harvey» affected some 6.8 million people. Reports the Associated Press.

According to meteorologists, in Houston and its suburbs fell about a meter precipitation.

Authorities are asking people not to navigate the flooded streets.

According to National Public Radio, the death toll in Houston was at least two people.

Hurricane «Harvey» hit the Texas on the evening of August 25. According to meteorologists, this is the most powerful storm in the US over the last 10 years. As reported by the national weather service of the USA, the hurricane «Harvey» was rated the fourth category of danger from five possible. Later the category was downgraded to a tropical storm.

As a result of hurricane «Harvey» in the United States killed at least five people.

Due to the storm offshore oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico have evacuated platforms and rigs.

Experts had previously estimated the potential damage from a hurricane in about $40 billion.

In Texas from hurricane «Harvey» affected some 6.8 million people 28.08.2017

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