In Ternopil SBU conducts more than 40 searches: looking for corrupt officials

In the region hosts more than 40 searches in the framework of the operations of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine. About this informed the head of the Specialized anticorruption prosecution Nazar Holodnitsky.

«Now the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine performs in the region. Now there are more than 40 searches,» reads a message on Facebook.

According to Gorodnitskogo, this operation is carried out as part of the investigation of the fact of extortion of a bribe in the amount of 12 000 US dollars from the inhabitant of the city of Ternopil for the closing of open on it criminal proceedings.

For involvement in this corruption case checking more than 10 people, including the staff of the office of the National police, Ternopil oblast, the Prosecutor’s office of Ternopil region Ternopil and local prosecutors.

Golodnitsky reported that the operation involved over 100 law enforcement officers.


The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine was established on March 3, 2015.

On 16 April the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko after the preliminary competition has appointed 35-year-old lawyer Artem Sytnik , Director of the Bureau.

In may, the NEB opened the competition to recruit the first 100 detectives. The winners in the contest were 70 people. On 1 October they went to work.

On December 16 detectives NABOO first exposed the bribe taker.

According to the law on National anti-corruption Bureau, its competence to include corruption offences committed by public officials 1 and 2 categories, as well as judges.

In Ternopil SBU conducts more than 40 searches: looking for corrupt officials 25.02.2016

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