In Tbilisi on mnogochislennoi action in support of the «Rustavi 2» burned photo Ivanishvili. The Parliament was hung a banner «No to assault on the media»

In the Georgian capital Tbilisi held a rally in support of TV company «Rustavi 2». The protesters were joined and known to the public entity. They claim that the existence of freedom of expression and to the preservation of independent media is very important for the country’s development and democracy.

According to Sputnik-Georgia, campaign in support of TV «Rustavi 2» gathered to one thousand people in Tbilisi.

«This is the channel that is the most professional and highest rating in our TV space. It would be unfortunate if the channel does not have this capability. In the country have to have an alternative opinion,» he said on Friday 10 February, the Director of the National ballet of Georgia Nino Sukhishvili, reports Georgia Online.

Joined and students. They encourage students of all higher education institutions to support them and to protect «Rustavi 2» and freedom of speech.

The March ended at the Supreme court building. The coordinating Council, consisting of 8 lots created on the initiative of the movement «a New unity of Georgia,» is planning to hold permanent shares in the event that the Supreme court will render a biased decision.

Recall that the proceedings regarding opposition TV channel «Rustavi-2» began in August of 2015, when Khalvashi has filed a lawsuit in Tbilisi city court and demanded the return of his company. In November of the same year, the court of first instance satisfied the claim and ruled in favor Khalvashi. The current owners of the TV channel challenged the decision in the court of appeal, which in June 2016, has left the decision in force. The lawyers of «Rustavi 2» has made a complaint to the Supreme court.

The Chairman of the political Council of National movement Nika Melia told reporters that they send ex-Prime Minister of Georgia, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili signal, so he decided not to take Rustavi 2 home. He noted the importance of a functioning opposition-minded media in the country and be remembered in this context, the tragedy of Sandro Girgvliani.

«Many years ago in this country, happened a great misfortune with Sandro Girgvliani. When did this tragic event, if not the then opposition channel in the face of Imedi TV, in addition to the family and friends of Sandro Girgvliani nobody in the country would know about it. Society this was announced by opposition broadcaster. Today, many in the country would not know what country we live in. «Rustavi 2» — national TV. Authorities want to silence free opinion and speech. Rustavi 2 belongs to society. When the attempts to stifle freedom of speech, society through peaceful protests begins to act against this malpractice. Today — a warning for Ivanishvili. We send Ivanishvili signal, so he decided not to take the «Rustavi 2″ home», — said Nika Melia.

In front of «Rustavi 2» held a protest –performance in support of the company. The action was attended by representatives of political parties, public and students. The members of the opposition «labour party of Georgia» burned a photo of former Prime Minister of Georgia and founder of the «Georgian dream» Bidzina Ivanishvili.

It is also reported that representatives of the «European Georgia», despite the opposition of the mandate of the police, hung in the Parliament session hall a banner saying «No to assault on the media». According to the Deputy Elena Khoshtaria, is a form of protest and expression of solidarity to all those people, which have resistance in connection with the current processes in the media.

«Parliament is exactly the place we need to talk about worries companies. It is a form of protest against what is happening in the Public broadcaster and Rustavi 2, but the Parliament today has become a public notary, where they speak only about procedures, where there is no real debate about the real issues,» said Khoshtaria.

As stated earlier, the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, former Deputy public Prosecutor of Georgia Lasha Natsvlishvili tried to sell secret recordings of conversations of billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili’s team of Saakashvili.

«After Lasha Natsvlishvili was offended by Bidzina Ivanishvili, he offered a few million to buy the phone records of Bidzina Ivanishvili», — said Sakvarelidze on air of TV company «Rustavi 2» 7 Feb.

He said that the proposal came «his friend», whom he did not name, but expressed the hope that he will confirm this information.

That friend was General Director of TV company «Rustavi 2» Nika Gvaramia, who was sitting in this time in the Studio. He confirmed that the meeting with Natsvlishvili was held in Geneva. There he had the opportunity to listen to a few records, but not completely.

According to Gvaramia, Natsvlishvili said criminal case, which in 2013 was opened against Director General of «Rustavi 2» is fictional. Then the court acquitted nick Gvaramia.

«He still keeps these materials in Yerevan. At least he told me that these materials are kept in Yerevan, a friend of his, in large numbers, and among them is the illegal wiretapping of Bidzina Ivanishvili. One of them gave me to listen to. I don’t fully listened, but he convinced me that he has such materials. He said it will cost several million dollars,» — said Gvaramia.

As described in the connection on the air editor in chief of the newspaper «Chronicle+» Eliso Kiladze, she was aware of the existence of such records. According to her, one of them, Ivanishvili said of the Patriarch. For these records, according to her, she asked for 10 million dollars.

According to Kiladze, all distributed recently assembled recordings of conversations allegedly members of the former ruling party is Lasha Natsvlishvili, for which he receives remuneration in the amount of 4 thousand dollars.

Kiladze also said that in the near future it is planned to publish another one, presumably mounted, in which the General Director of «Rustavi 2» Nika Gvaramia and ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili discussed the issue of bribing the judges. According to her, this entry is ready for publication, and «it is unlikely that the authorities will be wise enough not to do it.» Therefore, she said, on Thursday or Friday this entry may appear as it is ready.

We will add that earlier, on 7 January, the General Director of TV company «Rustavi 2» Nika Gvaramia said that he was attacked in one of the restaurants. He noted that the attack came after the restaurant went dark. After that, the Georgian interior Ministry has launched an investigation. The case was initiated under article 126th of the criminal code of Georgia (abuse).

In Tbilisi on mnogochislennoi action in support of the «Rustavi 2» burned photo Ivanishvili. The Parliament was hung a banner «No to assault on the media» 10.02.2017

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