In Syria, the military instructors of the Russian Federation take part in battles. Kadyrov said about the participation of Chechen spetsnaz

Russian military instructors in Syria, about the death of one of them recently reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia, can take part in battles on the side of the Syrian army. Evidence of their participation has on the French newspaper Le Monde, which refers to representatives of the Syrian opposition, reports

Kadyrov boasted, in Syria are operating a «Chechen spetsnaz»
Erdogan — Putin: You are the occupiers in Syria

The article, which quoted InoPressa, it is said that they drive Russian tanks. Fighters from the group «free Syrian army» (FSA) saw Russian soldiers took part in the battles of Salma.

«They are easy to learn, said the French newspaper fighter «Northern shelf» Ayman, Does. — They are whites are of a different shape and control tanks «T-90» — much more modern than the «T-55 or T-72″, usually used by the Syrian army».

At the disposal of Le Monde was also a series of audio recordings made by the rebels under Hama and Aleppo, and they hear Russian speech, apparently, gunners, leading the guns on target. These data are also confirmed by the photos placed in social networks by young Russian soldiers.

«For the first time the Russian army confirms the presence of trainers on the battlefield, but Soviet experience shows that our «instructors» are not limited to handing out tips and it can take command of a tank,» Le Monde quoted the Russian military expert Alexander Golts.

Note that on the death of military adviser from Russia earlier said the head of the press service and information of the Russian Ministry of defense General Igor Konashenkov. The representative of the Ministry stated that the injury was received by the Advisor during the mortar attack on the training centre of the Syrian army in HOMS province. Under fire also hit and Syrian students, four of them were killed.

In the defense claim that «Russian military advisers performed tasks to assist the Syrian army in the development of new weapons in the development of new weapons included in the framework of existing interstate contracts of military-technical cooperation». We will remind that the Russian authorities have denied involvement of its armed forces in land battles.

An earlier edition of The Daily Beast reported that he has evidence that suggests that Syrian rebels have used weapons systems American production to kill Russian military adviser.

In particular, the Northern division of the «Free Syrian army», one of the 39 anti-Assad militias, backed by the U.S., posted online a video in which one of its soldiers fired an anti-tank missile BGM-71 TOW in several unidentified men in uniform, gathered on the roof of the building. The video, published at 5:57 Greenwich mean time, target named Russian officers, but did not specify the exact location of the fire.

After about an hour at the same time the Russian news Agency TASS announced that in Syria killed a Russian officer, who was a counselor in the army of Assad, but not killed Pro-American rebels as «Islamic state», which, as previously reported, fired mortars at an army camp. On the site of the original attack also have been reported.

Kadyrov boasted, in Syria are operating a «Chechen spetsnaz»

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on air of TV channel «Russia 1» said that in Syria are the fighters of the Chechen special forces.

«Center of special forces under Centroam. In Chechnya it was here that he trained fighters who now operate in Syria in the rear of the IG. It’s time to talk about those who contribute to the success of the Russian air force on earth with his life», — is spoken in the story-the announcement of the program «Special correspondent», which should go live in the evening of 10 February, says Meduza.

Ramzan Kadyrov, whose voice sounds behind the scene, reports that managed to create an extensive network of agents directly in the «Islamic state».

«There were sent to the best fighters of the Republic. They gather information about the structure, the number of terrorists, identify targets for bombing and record their results», — said in the story.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov was forwarded to law enforcement agencies the question of the participation of special forces from Chechnya in a ground operation in Syria, reports «Interfax». This Peskov said that «the defense Ministry has repeatedly explained, who is in Syria, at what point, and what they are doing».

Erdogan — Putin: You are the occupiers in Syria

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again criticized Russia’s actions in Syria, calling Russians ‘ occupiers. This was, according to the UKRINFORM, he said in an interview with the Turkish edition of Hürriyet, as quoted by Bloomberg.

«What are you doing in Syria? You are, in fact, the occupants,» said Erdogan, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He added that his country did not join the coalition led by the United States during the operations in Iraq of 2003, and in the case of Syria, Ankara is reluctant to make the same mistake.

«We don’t want to do in Syria the same mistake as in Iraq», said Erdogan.

According to the President of Turkey, the Turkish army ready for any developments in Syria.

Earlier, Erdogan called ludicrous charges rossiyskoh authorities that Turkey prepares to invade Syria.

In Syria, the military instructors of the Russian Federation take part in battles. Kadyrov said about the participation of Chechen spetsnaz 08.02.2016

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