In Switzerland created the world’s first soft artificial heart

Scientists from Switzerland have revealed the first fully padded artificial heart, which has a mechanism similar to work of this body, according to the publication Techcrunch.

The heart was created by printing on a 3D printer, which allowed developers to create more complex internal structure, using a soft and flexible material.

Pumping fluid and the reduction in artificial organ is provided by air pumps.

The main problem of an artificial heart are made of metal and plastic parts, which can hardly settle down to living tissue, the newspaper writes.

Artificial organ about the same size as a human heart, and weighs 390 grams, the newspaper writes Ethzurich. A silicone heart has a right and left ventricles which are separated from the camera, used muscle on. When the chamber is inflated and deflated with compressed air, it pumps fluid from the ventricles.

The artificial heart is the main drawback – the material can only sustain about 3000 strikes, which is a time from 30 to 45 minutes of body. But scientists say that while it is important for them that the concept is working, and now they intend to work on improving it.


In Switzerland created the world’s first soft artificial heart 16.07.2017

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