In Sweden a gang rape was aired in Facebook

In Sweden three men were arrested on suspicion of raping a resident of the city of Uppsala. The entire scene was broadcast live via Facebook, reports the BBC Russian.

According to the report, the police called the woman, saying that he saw the mass rape in the live broadcast to a closed group in Facebook. Later the police confirmed that officers found that entry in the social network, and that it was seen by many. As far as we know, in this closed group in Facebook is tens of thousands of people.

The police also reports that in one of the apartments in Uppsala was discovered by three men, ranging in age from 19 to 25 years, and one woman. The woman, according to the Swedish press, was almost unconscious. The men were immediately arrested. The Swedish police will not disclose at this stage of their nationality and origin.

Live Facebook indicates how many people can simultaneously view a stream. According to some, watching the process was not less than two hundred.

As reported by Swedish public television SVT, at the time when the apartment the police arrived, the men already shot the second video.

Facebook began to provide the option of direct transmission by the end of 2015. This feature is often used by news organizations to transmit directly from the scene. Facebook Live used to communicate between friends and acquaintances — just because I can, and those who want to share what they saw with a wider audience in real time.

But with the help of this function, in the Internet appeared the recording of crimes and acts of violence. In early January, four people in Chicago were charged with crimes of hatred after Facebook came video stream they mock a mentally ill man.

In Sweden a gang rape was aired in Facebook 24.01.2017

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