In Sumy in a residential home explosion that killed a woman

In Sumy on the 6th floor of a multistory residential building, an explosion occurred without subsequent burning. This is stated in the press service gschs.

«3 January, 20:41 in Sumy city, in an apartment on 6 floor of 10-storey residential building explosion occurred without subsequent burning (pre domestic gas)», — stated in the message.

It is noted that the explosion destroyed the ceiling between the 5th and 6th floors within a single room, destroyed interior walls in the apartments on floors 5 and 6, the integrity of the overlap between the 6th and 7th floors without subsequent collapse.

In addition, the explosion killed one person — a woman, two people were rescued from the rubble. On the scene has 87 personnel and 9 vehicles.

As reported recently, a similar tragedy occurred in Chernihiv. There has been a collapse in one of the entrances of the four buildings of the hostel on the street, 16, at 16:20 Monday 12 December. According to gschs, the collapse occurred as a result of explosion in a room on the fourth floor. The explosion was without subsequent burning, but caused the collapse of floor slabs from the first to the fourth floors (8 apartments) and destruction of the exterior wall on the front side of the building.

In gschs informed about 7 victims, by the time the hospital already. In addition, it was reported that under blockages there were two persons, one of whom showed signs of life. Later in gschs reported that from the rubble of the collapsed building got a young man born in 1999 this information is not specified, in what condition was the victim. Then be informed that from-under blockages of the hostel was retrieved the body of a dead woman.

In Sumy in a residential home explosion that killed a woman 04.01.2017

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