In Spain the supporters of independence of Catalonia has launched a new campaign

In Spain eight months before the controversial, and still theoretical, a referendum on the independence of Catalonia, supporters of independence launched a new campaign on Sunday, January 15.

It is reported by the European true with reference to AFP.

As we know, the leaders of Catalonia, has promised to hold a referendum on independence until September 2017 with the consent or without the consent of the Central government.

It is reported that on Sunday, January 15, supporters of independence have started a new campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to convince people that the Catalans will become richer, will have better social services, improved infrastructure and less corruption, if they separate from Spain.

«We are confident that we will get the most votes, thanks to information and reflection, and not through the senses,» — said the President of the National Assembly of Catalonia Jordi Sanchez.

Recall that the survey of the population of Catalonia took place on 9 November 2014. In voting have taken part about 2 million of the Catalans. More than 80% of the region’s residents responded positively to the question «do you want Catalonia became a state?», and, in the case of an affirmative answer to the first question: «do you want this state to be independent?».

Instead, the survey was originally planned to hold a referendum, but it was blocked by the Constitutional court of Spain. That is why the poll has no legal consequences. However, the Spanish authorities have nevertheless brought a number of cases against the organizers of the survey. Catalonia has launched a new campaign

14 November 2016 about 80 thousand people took to the streets of Barcelona to protest against the government of Spain, which pursues Catalan politicians.

In Spain the supporters of independence of Catalonia has launched a new campaign 16.01.2017

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