In South Korea arrested the Minister of culture for the «black list» of critical against the President

In South Korea, amid a corruption scandal in the higher echelons of authorities first arrested the acting Minister. He became the Minister of culture, sports and tourism Cho Yoon sung. According to the investigation, she made a list of the thousands of cultural workers, which should not be allowed to receive funding from the state, Kyodo reports.

According to Reuters, on Saturday, January 21, must pass the first interview with her new status.

According to the investigation, in the «black list» Cho Yoon sung walked over 9,400 artists and cultural figures who are critical against the government of President Park Geun-Hye. Designated persons have been deprived of all kinds of government subsidies and assistance. She the existence of such a list was previously denied.

In addition, the court issued a warrant for the arrest of the former head of the presidential administration.

The Agency Yonhap reported that shortly after his arrest, Cho Yoon sung has offered to resign. It is expected that its application will be quickly approved by the Prime Minister after the resignation of President Park Geun-Hye is temporarily acting head of state.

In the autumn of last year in South Korea broke the corruption scandal surrounding Evangelical Christians sung-SIL — best friend of the President, who is informally exercised great influence on the decision of Park Geun-Hye. Police suspect her that she is not occupying any public office, participated in political decision-making, and extorted large sums from the South Korean corporations seeking to Finance their assets.

After the arrest of Evangelical Christians in sung-SIL has any suspicion that the corruption schemes, and pressure on big business occurred with the full knowledge of the President. In early December, Park Geun-Hye was declared the impeachment.

Now acting head of state became Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-Ahn. The constitutional court currently decides on the eligibility of declared the President’s impeachment. If the decision is confirmed, within two months, the country will elect a new head of state.

In South Korea arrested the Minister of culture for the «black list» of critical against the President 21.01.2017

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