In Slovakia arrested for the debts of gas, «Naftogaz» – the media

The decision of the Slovak court on 20 December 2017 pursuant to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the claim of the company «Yugaz» arrested gas supplies from Slovakia in the address «Naftogaz of Ukraine». It is reported ZN.UA citing a source.

«The final decision on the claim of the Italian company «Yugaz» the Stockholm arbitration court ruled on 19 December 2012. Although we are talking about the 2007 transaction,» – said the source publication.

The plaintiff appealed to the arbitration court with the claim to «Naftogaz of Ukraine» to recover the cost of delivered gas. To date, the total amount of the claim, including interest and penalties, is approximately $21 million.

According to the source, another €3 thousand arrested in Belgium.

“Naftogaz“, according to ZN, understands the situation and ascertain who is legally authorized to represent the plaintiff: the original owner of the gas company “Italy gas” – is in the process of bankruptcy.

For 11 months of 2017, “Naftogaz” has imported from Slovakia 9.2 billion m3 of gas while total imports 20.9 billion m3.

In Slovakia arrested for the debts of gas, «Naftogaz» – the media 22.12.2017

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