In Sevastopol banned the import of meat due to ASF

On the territory of Crimea at the outbreak of the African swine fever quarantine was announced in Sevastopol banned the import of products not only pork but also poultry from areas affected by ASF.

About it writes «Crimea.Realities» with reference to the Russian «government» of Sevastopol.

The town also prohibited the holding of fairs, exhibitions and other events related to the movement and accumulation of animal.

«Power» city announces plans to hold the inventory of pigs in farms and smallholdings to prevent the emergence of foci of African swine fever in the region.

Together with militiamen in Sevastopol organized checks of vehicles, making deliveries of live animals and products of animal origin to the territory of the city.

In addition, in Kerch the CPS and police are planning to create teams for round-the-clock control of trade in the city, write «news of Crimea».

It is reported that the city will introduce «tough measures to curb the uncontrolled trade of food products and a ban on trade in pork in the markets».

In late January, the outbreak was discovered at the territory of the farm «Martins» in Razdolnensky district of the Crimea.

On 5 February the Russian «power» of the Peninsula announced a new hearth — Aromatne in the village of Belogorsky district. It was reported about the detection of African swine fever in the Crimea not only in swine but also in wild boar in the wild.

In mid-January, police in Poltava region held quarantine measures on non-proliferation of African swine fever.

In Sevastopol banned the import of meat due to ASF 07.02.2016

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