In Russia will create a «Bank against sanctions», which will serve the state defense order – media

Russia will create a reference Bank for operations on defence contracts and major contracts. On 18 January the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The head of Department Anton Siluanov on January 19 said that the new financial institution run on the basis of private «Promsvyazbank», which after the reorganization will pass to the state, informs «Interfax».

The Bank will be headed by the son of the former Prime Minister of Russia and former head of the foreign intelligence Service, Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Mikhail Fradkov Peter. It is up to June 2016, was the first Deputy Chairman of «Vnesheconombank», is now the head of «Russian export centre».

A new state financial institution, the media has called «the Bank against sanctions», writes «the Russian service Bi-bi-si».

«Vedomosti» clarify that the need for special Bank arose after the adoption in August 2017, the new American law on sanctions against Russia. According to him, restrictive measures – including the freezing of assets in the US – can be extended to any company that signed a significant deal with an overwhelmingly large defense holdings in Russia. Because of this, under the threat turned out to be the largest banks of the Russian Federation.

Promsvyazbank, which belonged to fellow billionaire Dmitry and Alexei Ananyev, the new status will take a hit and most likely will be disconnected from international payment systems, says the publication.

Now with defense contracts can run for several banks, the list of which are approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. According to the latest publicly available data there were eight. This is «Sberbank», VTB, «Gazprombank», «Homecoming», the world Bank, Rosselkhozbank, the Bank «Russia» and Bank «St.-Petersburg».

The President of the United States Donald trump in August 2017 signed the law «On counteraction to enemies of America by sanctions» on introduction of restrictive measures against Iran, Russia and North Korea.

The law requires that within 180 days the Ministry of Finance, the Director of National intelligence and the Secretary of state will be required to submit to Congress a report on the Russian oligarchs and high-ranking officials related to the foreign policy of the Russian Federation.

The newspaper «Kommersant» reported with reference to sources in Washington that the «Kremlin report» will include 300 people.

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman said that the document will be published on January 29.

In Russia will create a «Bank against sanctions», which will serve the state defense order – media 20.01.2018

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