In Russia, unhappy with plans for Croatia to share experience with Ukraine reintegrate the occupied territories

In Russia, dissatisfied with the desire of Croatia to share experience with Ukraine the liberation of the occupied territories, during operations «Flash» and «Storm» in 1995, as well as activation of military-technical cooperation between the two countries.

As UNIAN reported in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian side drew attention to the information on the establishment on the days when the Croatian government working group for cooperation with Ukraine, in a range of tasks which it is supposed to allow transfer to Kiev of the Croatian experience «the peaceful reintegration of the occupied territories».

The Russian foreign Ministry said that this step, which was officially confirmed by the head of the government of Croatia Andrei Plenkovich during his visit to Kiev on November 21, is a «serious concern.»

According to the Russian foreign Ministry, the new parallel structure would «divert attention» of the authorities of Ukraine «of the already stalled the work on a comprehensive implementation of its commitments under the Minsk agreements.»

«Not less questions creates the desire of Zagreb to share with Kiev its own work in the field of peacebuilding. Moreover, it is announced on the background of the agreements on the revitalization of the Croatian-Ukrainian military-technical cooperation. It is well known, what the victims and the forced Exodus from Croatia about 250 thousand resident Serbs has managed large-scale military operations «Lightning» and «Storm» in 1995″, — stated in the message.

The Russian foreign Ministry believe that the advice of foreign consultants «are able to create the Ukrainian authorities the dangerous illusion of validity in the Donbass military scenarios».

«And mention in the agenda of the Croatian working group of the topic of Crimea is absurd… This issue is closed. Call for Zagreb is futile reasoning on this account more actively to tackle the chronic internal problems related to the rights of Serbs and other national minorities in Croatia», stressed the Russian foreign Ministry.

As reported, on 21 November, first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative to the humanitarian working group of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in the Donbas Irina Gerashchenko reported that Croatia offers to create a bilateral group on studying and implementing the experience of reintegration of the occupied territories and return them to civilian life.

According to her, during the meeting, people’s deputies from different factions with the new Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrei Plenkovich «the Croatian side came up with a very interesting initiative — the creation of bilateral group for the study and implementation of experience on reintegration of the occupied territories, and return them to civilian life,» wrote the Deputy.

Gerashchenko said that Croatia «was held this terrible path of war, the return of the territories of their recovery.»


In early may 1995 the Croatian army for the liberation of Serbian forces from the territory of the former Serbian Autonomous region of Western Slavonia, which was part of the self-proclaimed «Republika Srpska Krajina» (RSK) launched operation «Lightning».

In early August, were also carried out operation Storm, during which Croatian army and police retook detached from the Central government, the rebellious Serbs in Croatian territory, which formed an unrecognized state of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. With operations in just 84 hours was restored to the Croatian constitutional and legal order in all the occupied Serbian separatist territories, except for Eastern Slavonia, which eventually came under the official control of the Croats only in 1998.

Read more about the Croatian experience of reintegration of the occupied territories can be found in this presentation.

In Russia, unhappy with plans for Croatia to share experience with Ukraine reintegrate the occupied territories 23.11.2016

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