In Russia, sharply increased the number of protests — report

The number of social and political protests in Russia for the second quarter increased by 33% compared with the beginning of the year. If in the first quarter was 284, in the second recorded 378 protests. This is stated in the report «Russia in 2017: the number of protests is growing,» Center for economic and political reforms (CEPR), published on the official website of the organization on July 10.

As told RBC the head of CEPR Nikolay Mironov in the beginning of the year people are less likely to go to the protests, in spring the number of such shares increases. In turn, the Russian government uses the seasonality of protests to correct days of voting to increase or decrease voter turnout.

The main reason for the increase in the number of performances Mironov called the growth of social tension due to the fact that the problems of most of the protesters are not resolved at all or resolved point.

«This is the campaign strategy of the Kremlin to solve the problems of point because completely impossible to solve them, but you can come to one region and to solve one particular issue – good for TV,» – said the expert.

Moreover, the Kremlin hopes that after the straight lines of the President of the Russian Federation officials will begin to solve problems independently, however, such a policy is ineffective, sure Mironov. The expert cited as an example the situation with non-payment of salaries at the Nizhny Tagil factory, which took the intervention of top management of Russia.

Employees of the Nizhny Tagil plant insulation products complained to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Director of the company, refused to pay wage arrears, «is to contact the President.» The Russian President sharply criticized the actions of the Director of the factory and demanded from the Prosecutor General to deal with the rudeness and «borsato».

On 26 March and 12 June in Russia, there were mass anti-corruption rallies. According to experts, it was the largest rally since protests in 2011-2013.

12 June during anti-corruption rallies were held in many cities of Russia, were detained hundreds of people.

In Russia, sharply increased the number of protests — report 11.07.2017

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