In Russia now the debtors for communal services, the state takes away kids

In the Russian Federation of the families of debtors who did not pay for gas and electricity, has ordered children to be removed. This is stated in the instructions of the head of Zelenodolsk region of Tatarstan Alexander Tygin, published by local newspaper «Evening Kazan».

«To organize the work of the Department of custody and guardianship… for the removal of minor children living in dwellings with debts for energy carriers», — the document says.

According to the «Evening Kazan», in December in Zelenodolsk district at the orphanage had two children from families of debtors.

The head of the press service of Zelenodolsk district Executive Committee Alexander Korshunov commented on the decision, explaining that it is done in good intentions: in order to prevent freezing children in homes in which the debts for the light and turn off heat.

«For the year 2016 of these families were seized 11 children for up to three months. All of these children are temporarily living in a shelter. Would it be right to leave children in homes where there is no light, heat, where there is no proper care? Children in such living conditions is unacceptable,» he said.

The problem with the electricity and gas in homes of debtors for utility services came in sight of the leaders of the Republic a year ago, when the village of Staryy Kuvak Leninogorsk district was burned in his house a mother and five children. The house was disconnected from the gas supply, and the family they heat it using electrical equipment.

On Friday the Commissioner under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova has confirmed media reports that local authorities intend to select children from families because of debt. According to the children’s Ombudsman, in its disposal of a relevant document, dated 12 Jan.

«Now we have prepared a number of measures, we have made a request to the Prosecutor that such actions are, first, the unqualified, and to manipulate the removal of children is unacceptable», — quotes its words of the air force.

As previously reported, the national leader of the Volga Tatars Rafis Kashapov is now serving a prison sentence. He was imprisoned after protests caused by armed invasion of the Russian Federation on the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

In Russia now the debtors for communal services, the state takes away kids 14.01.2017

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