In Russia liquidated a large network of arms traffickers from Ukraine – FSB

The Federal security service of Russia jointly with the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia stopped the activities of groups and individuals involved in the organization of the supply of weapons from Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the FSB.

«In 21 regions of the country (from Central Russia to the Urals) raided 62 of the citizens involved in the acquisition, production, modernization and sales of weapons, as well as his smuggling supplies from the territory of Ukraine», – stated in the message.

As a result of the illegal trafficking in confiscated 181 firearms: Kalashnikov machine gun, 11 machine guns, 10 submachine guns, 38 carbines and rifles, 121 pistol and revolver (Glock, Walther, PM, TT, APS, PNM, and «Revolver»), including with adaptations for silent shooting, grenades, basic parts and components for the manufacture of more than 200 weapons, more than 7,000 of ammunition of various caliber, more than 18 kg of explosives and means of initiation of explosion.

According to the FSB, discontinued operations eight workshops for the manufacture of ammunition, as well as the modernization of the civil weapons of limited destruction in combat counterparts.

«Carried out additional investigative measures and investigative actions on establishment of the criminal connections of the detainees, including abroad, as well as facts possible involvement in the Commission of other illegal acts on the territory of the Russian Federation», – stated in the message.

In July the Main intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine stated that the command of the Russian occupying troops in the Donbas working to stop weapons smuggling in Russia.

In Russia liquidated a large network of arms traffickers from Ukraine – FSB 29.09.2017

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