In Russia destroyed the house in which he lived Shevchenko. Ukraine asks UNESCO to respond

In the Russian city of Orenburg destroyed house, where he was in exile , Taras Shevchenko.

About this at the Cabinet meeting, said Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

«In the city of Orenburg, Russia destroyed the building that housed Taras Shevchenko during his exile, he gave the then Russian Tsar. The current Russian Tsar, President Putinprobably wants to destroy the memory of Shevchenko», — said Kirilenko.

«Despite the fact that the house was a monument of architecture of national significance and had the appropriate security room, destroyed it completely. In its place, the facility infrastructure and Park for a private Bank. It is a violation not only of national legislation, it is their internal matter, but also all international norms», — the Minister added.

Because of this, the Ministry of culture and Ministry of foreign Affairs will appeal to UNESCO and other international organizations of monument protection, so that they react to these actions of the Russian Federation.

The Minister reminded that Ukraine is also a lot of the places related to figures of Russian culture.

«In my head no one comes to destroy the house, say, where there was Pushkin«, said Kirilenko.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk instructed the foreign Ministry to send a corresponding note to the Russian foreign Ministry.

As we know, Taras Shevchenko were sent into exile in Orenburg in 1847, where the poet lived in the casemates of the fortress of Orsk more than two years with prohibition to write and draw. Some time Shevchenko had lived in the dungeons, and in the so-called «free apartments».

In Russia destroyed the house in which he lived Shevchenko. Ukraine asks UNESCO to respond 24.02.2016

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