In Russia because of a satirical song about Putin banned rock festival

Online published a video with a satirical song about the Russian President Vladimir Putin «Putin hello» performed by Michael Nowicki, which in the Leningrad region of the Russian Federation has banned rock festival «S. I. L. O.».

This was reported by «the Source».

«That some citizens of Russia in one place regularly bites the awl, the news in General no. But not because these citizens rock festival «S. I. L. O.» still, sorry» — blog writes columnist edition Konstantin Bakanov.

«I heard a satirical song about Putin in the Leningrad region decided to Topstitch the local authorities an anonymous tip saying that the festival involved a certain Michael Nohavicky, which offends Vladimir Putin, speaking in support of the current government in Ukraine and considers Russia as the aggressor. Have Rogovicnogo actually the last name Nowicki. Thanks to anonymize and frightened her scribbling local authorities his song «Putin hello» listen now all who have heard the news,» continues the journalist.

«But the festival was banned. Let’s say Michael has publicly poironizirovat over Putin somewhere in posilock at Gatchina — well, how many people would have heard it? A couple of hundred? And it is unlikely he would have done (had to show at the fest musical play «Our Vysotsky», which Mr Putin is irrelevant). And so the whole country, including readers of this article, Willy-nilly, look on YouTube — I wonder just what made this pepper brave, not afraid to make fun of those whom to be trifled, because of which as many as a festival of Patriotic covered copper basin» — ironically].

«Concerts of Michael Nowicki has repeatedly banned (after that song he spoke at a rally of the opposition on the field of Mars). Immediately after the incident with the «Pain» he described the attitude of the government reinsurance. The question, however, is not, for what reasons forbid it. The question is that the country has a well-functioning system, when in fear keep not only those who dare to encroach on the «sacred», but also those who give them platforms. Snitched which should be called where it should be — and turned on the broadcast with a song about where man can breathe so freely. Today, many have forgotten what a «scoop». For me personally, «scoop» it» — sums up the journalist.

Earlier, the Crimean occupation site «informer» posted a pathetic poems, which received allegedly on behalf of «Valery Taranov— grandson of Hero of the Soviet Union Andrei Chertova«. It later turned out that the poems — the original trolling invaders with the Pro-Ukrainian side.

In Russia because of a satirical song about Putin banned rock festival 11.08.2016

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