In Russia, a military helicopter has crashed, killing 4 people

In Russia, crashed helicopter Mi-8, four soldiers were killed.

This was reported in the press service of the defense Ministry.

«On the report search and rescue team arrived at the scene of an emergency landing of helicopter Mi-8, as a result of the accident three pilot member of the crew and one technician instructor were killed», — stated in the message.

It is noted that to clarify the circumstances of the disaster to the crash site off the Commission of the main command of the Russian space forces and security Service of flights of the Russian armed forces.

The Mi-8 helicopter was performing a scheduled training flight from the airfield in Island of the Pskov region on Monday, 8 February, in the evening. 19.21 in communication with the helicopter crew was lost.

As the main version of the accident is considered a technical failure of the helicopter.

«The mi-8 made an emergency landing in a wooded area a few kilometers from the airport», — reported in the Ministry of defense.

Earlier about the emergency landing of helicopter Mi-8 in the Pskov region reported «Interfax» source in emergency services.

«The Mi-8 helicopter was landing on the airfield in 50 km from Pskov, but for an unknown reason, fell short of a few kilometers to the site and made an emergency landing,» said the source.

Another source familiar with the situation, reported that the plane crash which killed three crewmen of Mi-8 and the instructor, occurred near the village Cherepahina in Ostrovsky district of the Pskov region.

«The bodies of all four victims have already been detected,» he said.

Work at the site investigators of military Prosecutor and military-investigatory Department.

The site of the helicopter crash is cordoned off.

Recall that in November last year the Russian Mi-8 helicopter crashed in the Turukhansk district of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Then the victims of the crash were 10 people.

In Russia, a military helicopter has crashed, killing 4 people 09.02.2016

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