In Romania continued to protest, despite the abolition of the decree on Amnesty of corrupt officials

In Romania, despite the abolition of the government decree on Amnesty for corrupt officials, continuing a rally. According to the BBC on 5 February, took to the streets tens of thousands of demonstrators.

«The protesters are unhappy, despite the abolition of the government regulation calls for «left wing» government to resign … a Huge crowd gathered in Victory square in Bucharest — for the sixth consecutive day (since the beginning of the protests)», — stated in the message.

In the government building laser flash appeals «never give up» and «Resignation».

The participants of the protests claim that the current government «from the high level to the low organized like the mafia».

As UKRINFORM reported, protests are taking place in major cities — Cluj, Timisoara, bystřice, Iasi and others, and in Victoria square in front of the government building in Bucharest there are more than 250 thousands of protesters.

Recall, February 5 the government’s decision to cancel the decision on amendments to the penal code and Amnesty for corrupt officials was taken at an emergency meeting in Bucharest.

However, the protesters expressed concern about the government’s plans to amend the legislation and send it for discussion in Parliament, where it can be adopted.

The government of Romania on the evening of 31 January, despite mass protests adopted a resolution dekriminalizirovat the number of crimes and allowed many corrupt officials to avoid responsibility.

The resolution, in particular, decriminalize acts of corruption and cases of abuse of power and malpractice if the damages do not exceed 200 thousand lei (47 $ 800).

The need for an Amnesty for certain categories of criminals in the government previously explained by prison overcrowding.

The European Commission on 1 February issued a stark warning to the government of Romania for the decision and stressed the need irreversible progress in the fight against corruption.

The government decision led to mass protests across the country.

In Romania continued to protest, despite the abolition of the decree on Amnesty of corrupt officials 06.02.2017

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