In road accident with participation of MAZ in Moscow suffered singer Linda

Among the two injured in the result of collision of the truck MAZ in the center of Moscow was a Russian singer Linda. It is reported TASS citing a source in the hospital.

She was taken to Sri behalf of the Sklifosofsky with minor injuries – abrasions and contusions, according to the Agency.

According to doctors, the condition of the singer is not alarming. After Linda will provide medical assistance, she will go home.

In comments to REN TV she said that the truck appeared «out of nowhere» at a time when, together with my niece she was walking on a pedestrian crossing.

«I was out of options, unless under the wheels to throw and we threw himself under the wheels,» said Linda.

According to her, on the corner of the truck turned around, drove past the pedestrian crossing and disappeared.

Svetlana Gaiman, known on the Russian stage under the name of Linda singer in the style of ethno and electronic music. At the beginning of the musical career of Linda the author of her songs was producer Maxim Fadeev.

Tonight on the street karetnyy Ryad in Moscow MAZ truck rammed a crowd of pedestrians, injuring two people.

Soon the militiamen detained the man who was driving the MAZ.

In comments to the Agency representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation stated that the information that the truck driver rammed a group of people deliberately untrue. He stressed that we are talking about the accident.

The police reported that the driver lost control.

In road accident with participation of MAZ in Moscow suffered singer Linda 31.08.2017

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