In Rivne – the outbreak of African swine fever

African swine fever decimated the pig population in Rivne. The disease was discovered in the village Cernica. They announced the quarantine, please refer to the plot of the TV channel «24».

The virus of African swine fever found in one of the courtyards of the village. The villagers told that the owner was feeding the pig liver, purchased somewhere in Kiev for the spontaneous market. However, the man denies everything.

But the vets have confirmed that a dangerous infection, and it went from there. The doctors are now checking all farms in Cernica where there are pigs.

Loss owners compensate — pay for 26 UAH per kilogram of body weight of the patient animal. But such conditions not satisfy all the peasants, because, in their opinion, this is not enough.

The village Council estimates that swine sick 20 pigs. At the entrance to the village has set up veterinary police checkpoints to local not exported infected swaino. Because the virus in the meat of infected animals can live up to 150 days. In people the disease is not spreading, but for pigs it is deadly.

Now a vaccine against the virus no treatment the disease did not give in. Statistics show that the number of cases of incidence of African swine fever in Ukraine is increasing. To find the «antidote», we need to do a lot of research, but money for it the state does not.

Previously, farmers have warned the government about the threat of zooepidemicus.

In Rivne – the outbreak of African swine fever 25.11.2016

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