In Poland are not aware that Ukraine has become a subject in the issues of historical memory – viatrovych

Ukraine 25 years of «corrected history» with regard to the preferences of neighboring States, but the situation has changed. This was stated by Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich during a round table on Polish-Ukrainian relations in the Gorshenin Institute in Kiev, writes

He said that the Polish government is not yet aware that Ukraine became a subject in the issues of historical memory.

«It is strange that the foreign Minister (the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski. – «GORDON») does on a daily basis statements, which would be more suited for a history teacher, because he talks almost exclusively about history. Strange attempt to link the current Ukrainian-Polish relations to the interpretations of Ukrainians of their own history. Even more strange are his threats about what will be denied entry into the territory of Poland officials of Ukraine, among which there are I, which allegedly prevented to honor the memory of poles in Ukraine, although the only thing I demand from Polish partners, is to respect Ukrainian law on the Ukrainian territory,» – said vyatrovich.

He is confident that as a result of the «crisis» of relations between the two countries may be «more serious».

«On the one hand, I am convinced that the Polish colleagues will realize that they are dealing with a subject to be reckoned with. On the other hand, will depart infantilism, which was attended by Ukrainian politicians. They talked about Poland as the advocate of Ukraine in Europe, like the poles, we are obliged to always defend,» said the historian.

Viatrovych added that one of the major achievements in the field of cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian Institutes of national remembrance, a Polish-Ukrainian forum of historians, the sixth meeting which is scheduled for March 2018 in Poland. At the same time, he noted that now there is confidence for holding this meeting.

In October 2016, the Polish Sejm and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the joint Declaration of memory and solidarity, which should put an end to historical disputes. Despite this, the historical issue remains a source of tension between countries.

For three years in Poland desecrated the 15 Ukrainian monuments, reported in may 2017 the Ukrainian Institute of national memory. None of the monument is not restored. During the same period in Ukraine, vandals damaged four of the Polish monument, all restored at the expense of the Ukrainian side.

Association of Ukrainians in Poland, on April 26 reported that the cemetery of the village near Przemysl Groszowice dismantled funerary monument to soldiers of the UPA. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called the actions of the destruction of the monument to soldiers of the Ukrainian insurgent army near Przemysl «demonstrative and provocative.»

In June, the Ukrainian side has revoked permission for the search and exhumation of the poles, buried in Ukraine.

In Poland are not aware that Ukraine has become a subject in the issues of historical memory – viatrovych 17.11.2017

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