In people’s front promised to support the government, but his resignation has already collected 40 votes

At the meeting of the faction «popular front», which was held on Monday evening, 15 February, the deputies expressed support for the current government. This was stated on air of «freedom of speech» on ICTV channel people’s Deputy from «Popular front» Igor GUZ, reports «UKRINFORM».

For the resignation of the government has already collected 40 votes
A group of deputies of the PPB made a plan of an exit from political crisis

«Our political force unanimously supports the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, none of the deputies expressed that I would vote for resignation,» he said.

According to him, the faction of the NF believe that the resignation of the present Cabinet, «which is theoretically possible will lead not just to the disasters with the government and the Parliament, but with possible re-election of President».

In this case, the faction noted that the immediate environment Yatsenyuk emotionally accepted the decision of the PPO, however, the question about the possibility of leaving the coalition no one discussed.

As you know, on Monday evening, February 15, fraction of the PPB in its meeting has decided to vote for the resignation of the government. Earlier the Deputy of the PPB Mustafa Nayem reported that people’s front is ready to vote for Yatsenyuk’s resignation, if offered the option of the next government. At the same time, the NF MP Pavlo Pynzenyk, who referred the Hire, denied this information.

For the resignation of the government has already collected 40 votes

In «Self-help» has already gathered 40 votes for the resignation of the government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk. About it reported on air «5 channel» people’s Deputy «Self-help» Ruslan Sidorovich.

He said that he hoped that tomorrow there will be the required number in the session hall.

«We already have about 40 signatures … In fact we can say that the collection of signatures started today and I think tomorrow to collect 150 signatures directly in a sessional hall it’s hard not to be,» he said.

A group of deputies of the PPB made a plan of an exit from political crisis

To overcome the crisis of the deputies of the faction PPO offers Kononenko and Socino to resign and the government to resign. This is stated in the relevant statement of deputies, reports «Ukrainian Truth».

Deputies propose the President dismiss the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina, to urge Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the government to voluntarily resign and to initiate the signing of the Memorandum of principles of cooperation between the government, Parliament and President.

According to the information pack this plan of action was presented in the beginning of the meeting of the faction people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem. The interlocutor of the edition reported that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who was present at the meeting, did not respond to the resignation of the Peloponnese, but to intercede for him did not.

«… We are convinced that any attempt to preserve the current government by internal negotiations without taking into account the General situation in the country, will allow to restore trust of society and the Verkhovna Rada to the current government. Moreover, in the case of such a choice we have a few months return to base point of conflict with an even worse starting conditions», — said in a statement.

In this regard, Recalling and considering the data of sociological surveys, on which the resignation of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk supports 70% of the population, the deputies propose the following steps to resolve the political crisis:

1. The President calls on the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet of Ministers voluntarily resign, and at the same time appeals to the Verkhovna Rada and the coalition to immediately start consultations on forming a new government

2. For the sake of restoring confidence to the largest faction of the Verkhovna Rada and removal of any suspicion as to the President of Ukraine, the head of state and the head of fraction of party «Petro Poroshenko’s Block» I call Igor Kononenko voluntarily to resign the MP.

3. The President of Ukraine within the framework of good will should submit to the Verkhovna Rada representation for dismissal of the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina, resulting in the Chairman of the GPU needs to be removed from office.

4. The President is proposing a public signing of the Memorandum of principles of cooperation between the Government, the Parliament and the President of transparency of decision-making to prevent any conflicts of interest and corruption components.

As a result of these actions the Verkhovna Rada should adopt the resignation of the Government, and in the event of a failure of Government members to resign, to recognize the work of the Cabinet of Ministers unsatisfactory and to adopt a resolution on declaring confidence in the Government.

Then, according to plan, should begin clearly time-limited consultations on the new government and work principles. The result of the coalition negotiations should be:

1. the nomination of a single consolidated candidates for the position of Prime Minister;

2. the signing of a new coalition agreement with the following mandatory components:

(a) a clear government action plan for the next year with the indication of critical deadlines (deadlines)

(b) the obligation of the Parliament for the adoption of a clear list of legislative acts necessary for implementation of the coalition agreement;

(b) identification of the person from among the Ministers and MPs from the coalition for the implementation of specific points of the agreement specifying the extent of responsibility;

(g) mandatory quarterly report of the Government on implementation of paragraphs of the agreement from taking action on a responsible implementation of the relevant paragraphs of the Agreement;

(d) the establishment within thirty days of the effective mechanisms to eliminate any shadow groups from the misuse of budget funds and state assets;

The authors of the statement believe that such a plan of action gives all branches of government a chance to restore the public’s trust and as quickly as possible out of the crisis without a loss of confidence by international partners and braking of reforms.

The statement was signed by people’s deputies Oleksandr Bakumenko, Vladyslav Golub, Svetlana Zalishchuk, Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze, Sergey Leshchenko, Mustafa Nayem, Pavlo rizanenko, Oleksandr Chernenko, Oksana Yurynets.

In people’s front promised to support the government, but his resignation has already collected 40 votes 16.02.2016

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