In Pavlograd will destroy a million anti-personnel mines-«petals»

In the framework of the NATO project on demilitarization on the basis of Pavlograd chemical plant (Dnepropetrovsk region) on Wednesday 23 November, began the destruction of the party in stocks APU Soviet anti-personnel blast mines with self-destruct device (PFM-1C «Petal») number about one million units.

In a Documentary released today by the NATO center of information it is noted that for these purposes the government of Norway has funded the modernization of incinerator for destruction of mines, and NATO has allocated almost 30 thousand euros for the purchase of the section of the rotary (rotating) kiln, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Development, design and manufacture of auxiliary equipment for dismantling the new media mines, as well as the purchase, installation and ongoing use of video surveillance systems will also be provided by the Trust Fund of NATO», — said in a release.

Earlier in Ukraine in the framework of this project took place only the destruction of PFM-1 mines.

«The element of PFM was attached to the demilitarization project at the request of Ukraine to support Ukraine in fulfilling its obligations under the Ottawa Convention», — stated in the release.

Agreement between the government of Ukraine and the NATO maintenance and supply (NAMSO) on demilitarisation was ratified in January 2012. In 2013 between the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, the Pavlograd chemical plant and the Agency, the NATO support and procurement (NSPA) signed an agreement on the destruction of PFM-1.

In December 2014 an agreement was signed on subsidies by the European Union of 1.8 million euros to the project for destruction of PFM-1, the year this amount was increased to 3,689 million euros. In total, the use of this amount is planned to destroy 3.33 million min.

According to the supplementary agreement signed in September 2015, the costs are distributed as follows: EUR 1,08 project of NATO and the EUR 0,25 – from Ukraine for disposal of a mine.

At the beginning of 2011 the stocks of the Armed forces of Ukraine amounted to about 6 million pieces of such minutes From March 19, 2013 disposal of mines was continued. As of 12 October 2016 was destroyed 975 thousand PFM-1.

PFM-1 (anti-personnel blast mine) «Petal» — anti-personnel mine action of the pressure of Soviet production. Mine exists in two versions: PFM-1 and PFM-1S. The first option mine does not have a device of self-destruction, the second is equipped with a device that provides a self-destruct mines erosion after 1 – 40 hours since the installation. Externally, these two types of mines differ only in the fact that the wing of the mines of PFM-1S has a clearly visible letter «s».

The PFM-1S is designed to mining areas against the enemy. After the release of the PFM-1S from cluster munition reveals stable wing, which provides its stability in flight. After the fall of the mines of PFM-1S on the ground fuse is translated into the firing position. Under the influence of the load on the mine is triggered the detonator and explosive charge. In the absence of exposure to the mine load for a certain time triggered mechanism of self-destruction.

In Pavlograd will destroy a million anti-personnel mines-«petals» 24.11.2016

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