In OUN disowned from pogroms in Kiev on 20 February

The head of the OUN Bogdan Chervak stated that the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists has nothing to pogroms in Kiev, which took place on 20 February.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to Carvaka, on this day, the fighters of the OUN, including former soldiers of the battalion of the OUN, fighters of VSU who are on vacation and hospitals were in Nikolaev, where he honored the memory of his martial brother, the hero of the Heavenly Hundred of Ukraine and Vasyl Kondratkova.

«They will give their assessment of these events. The people who carried out the massacre, called themselves the «battalion of Kochanowski» and the OUN had nothing,» said Chervak.

He added that this «is not the first attempt to use the name of the OUN for the discrediting of the national-liberation movement».

«A real Ukrainian nationalist will never leave the pavement in Ukrainian Insurgents will never play up to the Kremlin, Insurgents don’t wear balaclavas,» said Chervak.

As is known, 20 February the participants of the procession of the feast Day of the Heavenly hundred heroes threw a branch of a Russian Bank «Sberbank of Russia» paving stones, poured green paint, raided the branch office of Alfa-Bank and threw stones at the office of «SCM» Rinat Akhmetov’s on the Desyatinnaya street. It was reported that participation in the massacres was taken by the representatives of the battalion of the OUN.

In OUN disowned from pogroms in Kiev on 20 February 21.02.2016

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