In one of the schools of Catalonia was shot four supporters of the referendum – media

In Catalonia, unknown wounded four supporters of the referendum on independence for the region, who were guarding the school in Manlleu. This writes the local newspaper La Vanguardia.

In the school where the evening of September 29 occurred the incident, plan to place one of the polling stations.

According to preliminary data, shots were fired from the building next door. First injured three, then another one who came to the noise. The gunman hit him in the chest and neck.

Judging by the nature of the damage, shot metal balls.

It is reported that three of the injured were members of the so-called Committee for the defense of the referendum. The wounded filed a complaint with the police.

The Parliament of Catalonia on 6 September adopted the law on the conduct of the 1 October of the referendum, which made the question: «do you Want Catalonia was an independent state in the form of Republic?» The Spanish government said the referendum would be unconstitutional, and threatened the organizers with prosecution.

The extraordinary plenary session of the constitutional court of Spain on 7 September suspended adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia of the law. Catalonia urged the EU to intervene in the situation with the referendum on independence for the region.

On 23 September the Supreme court of Catalonia adopted a resolution on blocking more than 140 sites containing information on holding a referendum on independence.

September 28, the Civil guard of Spain seized in a warehouse in Igualada (Barcelona province) from 2.5 to 3 million ballots for the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

In one of the schools of Catalonia was shot four supporters of the referendum – media 30.09.2017

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