In one of the American schools of Georgia teacher fired

In one of the schools in the U.S. state of Georgia social studies teacher barricaded himself and opened fire. About it reports TV channel ABC News.

The instructor started shooting at 11.30. He was not allowed in the class because no class member was injured. Only one girl received a wound in the ankle during the evacuation of the school.

According to the channel, 53-year-old teacher Jessie Randall, Davidsen, who also works as a school football commentator, was arrested by the police after half an hour of resistance.

14 Feb 2018 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz made an armed attack on a school in Florida, which was previously excluded. He killed 17 people and wounded 14. The attack shortly after Cruz was detained. He admitted his guilt.

February 18, in Florida in some cities, thousands of Americans came out to protest demanding tougher gun control in the United States.

After the tragedy at school US President Donald trump has offered to arm teachers.

In one of the American schools of Georgia teacher fired 01.03.2018

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