In Odessa, the robbers shot a police officer

In Odessa, a group of criminals trying to hide from the police, used guns and brought down one of militiamen.

On Friday 13 January, reports the press service of the regional National police.

It is noted that near one of the shopping centers, the police noticed a suspicious young men who were involved in the theft.

«Seeing the police, the offenders got into the car and tried to escape. The police began the pursuit. During the chase, both cars got stuck in traffic, where the police tried to detain the attackers,» he told police.

When you try to approach the vehicle the driver hit a 32-year-old fighter of the special police unit and held it up to 5 meters. At this moment his companion, having evaluated the situation, used the weapons.

«Given the fact that there are other citizens, and not to put them in danger, the police did not shoot at the intruders, and fired two warning shots in the air,» added the police.

Currently under investigation activities. On search of the car and the attackers targeted the entire staff of the police of the Odessa region.

The injured policeman with injuries of varying severity taken to the hospital.

Earlier, in December last year, in Kiev patrol in Hollywood caught offenders: race and the shootout.

In Odessa, the robbers shot a police officer 14.01.2017

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