In Odessa police detained three armed telephone scams

Employees of the seaside police Department of Odessa detained group of swindlers, wimalawansa people’s money, phoning family as law enforcement officers, who are ready for a bribe to settle the situation of a family member or friend who is in trouble. About it reported in Department of communications of the Odessa Central Board of police.

«The inhabitant of Odessa the unknown called and reported that his alleged friend was in trouble. To resolve the issue anonymous has demanded to give him 3 thousand dollars. However, instead of having to comply with the terms of the swindler, the man was informed about the suspicious call to the police. The inspectors learned from the applicant that he needs to transfer money to the attacker near one of entertaining institutions on Kanatnaya street. The patrol set up an ambush, waited for the right moment and arrested two suspects at the time of receipt of money by them», — said the head of communications GUNP Alena Voytenko.

The third accomplice in the crime, which monitored the situation with the parked Mazda car, tried to escape from the scene. The police rushed in pursuit, and on the street Lieutenant Schmidt blocked the path of the pursued car. During the inspection of a foreign car was found and seized the telephone, which rang the scammers offering money to settle the case.

Along the way, law enforcement officers seized from inside the vehicle, the inspectors of the subject similar to the gun, and a bundle with a substance similar to a narcotic.

On these facts the investigator of the seaside police Department opened January 10 criminal proceedings on signs of part 2 of article 190 (fraud committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The attackers seized items submitted for examination in Scientifically-research ekspertno-the criminalistic center at GUNP in Odessa region.

Earlier in Ohtyrka Sumy region 37-the summer local resident has listed to swindlers of 61.5 thousand UAH allegedly for winning a car.

In Odessa police detained three armed telephone scams 11.01.2017

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