In Odessa burned two cars a local leader of the «Automaidan», the suspects were detained

In Odessa two unknown persons burned the car of the leader of Odessa «Atomidine» Eugene Rezvushkina, leaving the machine «Molotov cocktail».

Reports about it «Думская.net» with reference to information of the «Automaidan».

The car was damaged near the office on the street Bulkowski, where rooms are rented by the urban community of Odessa.

It is reported that the patrol noticed the time of the arson and was arrested on the street Zhelyabova one of malefactors who tried to escape on the bike.

As reported a press-the Secretary of the Patrol police of Odessa Alla Marchenko, patrol inspectors was spotted by a citizen who poured an unknown substance has a Mitsubishi Pajero, was set on fire and began to flee on a Bicycle.

Was subsequently arrested and a second suspect in the arson of the car.

«One was walking and the second was on the bike, which was trussed up in black tape to hide the labels. On the bike it was attached to the knife, it’s not very usual for the common cyclist» — said the Rezvushkina.

The leader Odessa «Automaidan» suggested that the arson of his car involved local separatists.

«It certainly was arson, and I think behind it or the local separatists, or members of the opposition bloc», — said the Rezvushkina.

As reported in a press-service of the Odessa «Automaidan», the bike was plastered with black tape, «in order to hide markings», while the attackers had a knife.

Note, September 29, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed judges who broke the oath and pursued independence.

In Odessa burned two cars a local leader of the «Automaidan», the suspects were detained 12.11.2016

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