In Odessa burned bribe two policemen

The Military Prosecutor’s office of the Odessa garrison of the southern region of Ukraine and the Department of homeland security OHS in Odessa region exposed and arrested for receiving illegal remuneration of the two officials in the office of the patrol police of Odessa. About it reports a press-service of Military Prosecutor’s office.

«The pretrial investigation established that two lieutenants of the patrol police demanded from the citizen for the return of previously confiscated driver’s license and failure to bring to administrative responsibility for driving a vehicle while intoxicated improper advantage volume of $ 800. Subsequently, extortionists seemed that this little, pushed the victim, demanding the transfer of additional amounts of improper benefits. During transfer of the seized documents and the second part of a bribe malefactors were detained by militiamen», — noted in Prosecutor’s office.

Now the issue of declaring the detainees to be suspicious signs of a criminal offense under part 3 St. 368 (receiving a bribe in a big size or the official a person who holds especially responsible position) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Both takers preparing a message about suspicion on signs of the criminal offense under part 3 St. 368 criminal code of Ukraine.

In addition, the investigator prepares the petition in court about election of a police measure in the form of detention, the seizure of the foreclosed property and the related examinations.

Previously Ukrainians urged «not to remain silent but to report» about the crimes and violations of the new police.

In Odessa burned bribe two policemen 15.11.2016

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