In Odessa attacked the office of «Batkivshchyna»

In Odessa on the night of 24 February, an attack on the office IN «Batkivshchyna». As reported the UNIAN the head of the Odessa city organization of the party Grigory Grinshpun, an attack on the office Malinovskaya of the regional party organization, located in Filatova street.

«Cracked the blinds and the front door stolen office equipment and party documents. I am sure that the reason for the attack is our strong political position…
Only 20 February, with the direct participation of our political forces erected a memorial stone to the Heroes of the Heavenly hundred, and here is the response,» said Grinshpun.

He expressed the hope that the police will find out who stands «at the beginning of the season of political terror and destabilize the situation in Odessa».

Grinshpun added that in 2014 in Odessa offices of the party «Batkivshchyna» was attacked six times (explosions, arson).

«Unfortunately, to date the investigation has not been completed and, in my opinion, deliberately delayed. We have repeatedly appealed to the regional police Department and later to the police, but no it has not produced results. Impunity generates permissiveness,» said the head of the organization.

As reported in Malinovskaya district organization of the party, the stolen documents – that is, in particular, the folder with the personal data of the members of the district organization and minutes of meetings.

«Office for official protection. About 4.00 it became known about state of emergency. At the scene police, including a specialist with a service dog…», — noted in the district organization.

In regional Directorate of the National police, the attack on the office affirmed, noting that now the issue of opening of criminal proceedings.

In Odessa attacked the office of «Batkivshchyna» 24.02.2016

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