In North Dakota was a large-scale clash of protesters and police

Large-scale clashes between several hundred protesters and law enforcement occurred in the night of Monday, November 21, in North Dakota, where people came out against the construction on the ground Indian settlements of the pipeline.

This was announced by Central American TV channel CNN.

«On Sunday evening there was a clash between police and about 400 people who protested against the pipeline Dakota Access Pipeline when protesters set fire to cars and police sent tear gas and water cannons into the crowd,» the message reads.

Footage of the live broadcast showed how people randomly run up, accompanied by loud shouting and honking. The protesters tried to cross the bridge and go on the highway. According to police reports, they set fire to two trucks and the bridge itself in several places.

Even before the police issued a statement that protesters tried to attack from the flanks the line of defense of law enforcement officers», describing the actions of the protesters as «very aggressive.»

Subsequently, the officers tried to disperse the crowd using water cannons when the temperature was below zero Celsius. Doctors urged to immediately stop using the water for fear of hypothermia in winter conditions, calling the cannons «potentially lethal weapon». However, the police said that the protests are peaceful, and the water used for extinguishing fires on the bridge and set on fire vehicles and also for crowd control.

As a result of collisions one person was arrested, police said.

Demonstrations against the pipeline continues in «the ever-smoldering» mode for several months. From time to time there are clashes with the police. The protesters oppose the construction of an oil pipeline with the length of 1 of 172 miles (1875 km), which will pass through four States: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

People are concerned that the pipeline would threaten the environment and destroy Indian burial sites, places of worship and culturally significant artifacts. In an Indian tribe argue that the pipeline construction can adversely affect the supply of drinking water to communities along the Missouri river because of the danger of oil spills. The protests were joined by several groups in recent months.

In North Dakota was a large-scale clash of protesters and police 22.11.2016

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