In nikolayevshchina the «winged infantry» showed on the teachings of experience in the ATO

In nikolayevshchina the soldiers of one of the units 79 separate airborne assault brigade airborne forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted tactical exercises battle shooting.

The exercise was conducted with the experience that the unit received during the execution of combat tasks in the area of counter-terrorism operations, it said on Thursday February 2 at Sait MOU.

«According to plan of doctrines, the division raised the alarm and marched to a certain area for classes of positions and arrangement of the defense. During the March was fulfilled actions to escape from conventional artillery fire. To do this, «the enemy» — a group of engineer division, organized the first ambush on the route of the column and simulated artillery shells. Marines who were in the truck while driving, had to constantly monitor the situation around timely discovering «fire points» of the imaginary enemy and destroy them. And drivers of cars during the «shelling» — to quickly bring the machine out of the fire», — stated in the message.

The next stage of tactical exercises was to simulate the unit during the signal «wait»: «That is, a rapid dismount, tactical movement over rugged terrain with the conduct of assault action in a certain direction. The paratroopers discovered the «enemy» positions in the ruins of the building and was ordered to take and secure them.»

In addition, during the March were also worked out a counter-fundamental actions and patrolling.

The final stage of tactical exercises for the «winged infantry» was the performance of firing tasks on the brigade training ground, in particular of day and night firing with small arms, heavy machine guns, hand-held and stationary grenade launchers, the throwing of hand grenades and the like.

It is noted that the training tasks assigned to the personnel division, was fully implemented.

Earlier today it was reported that the Yavoriv training ground in Lviv region began a new stage of preparation of Ukrainian soldiers for the program «joint multinational training group – Ukraine» (JMTG-U).

In nikolayevshchina the «winged infantry» showed on the teachings of experience in the ATO 03.02.2017

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